About us

‘Words in freedom’ is a project in journalism awareness. It grew from the new sad image of how journalism today has changed and suffers.

The idea of creating this web magazine came from the minds of Massimo Giordano (our editor) and Valeria Ronzani (our director) and was immediately embraced by our colleges with enthusiasm.

We are fighting a little war of professional integrity. We want to spread awareness, watch over our world careful, especially its culture, and report back to our audience objectively. It is our intention to reveal what is often overlooked and think about why. We want Calvino’s lightness.

We a little utopia, but without too much ambition, in a time when ambition is forgotten. Follow us on the adventure, and share our goals and make them real! We have room for all of you here, and we want you by our sides.

Don’t hesitate to give your two cents for we share the same value: free speech.

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